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Pearson is a global education, media and publishing group, represented by market-leading businesses such as Longman, Financial Times and Addison Wesley. It is also the world's leading learning company and caters to a range of educational products. From pre-school to high school, early learning to professional certification, Pearson's curriculum materials, multimedia learning tools, assessment and testing programmes help educate more than 130 million people worldwide. Pearson products are present in over 50,000 schools of the 100,000 schools in the US. In the UK, 10,000 schools of the total 20,000 primary schools use Pearson Products.

Pearson in India is well placed to bring its wide range of leading products and services to the Indian education system and contribute to the development of learning in the country. We are committed to bringing this depth of international experience to contribute to measurable, outcome based and technology enabled learning in India.

Pearson Schools, a part of Pearson, is the fastest growing chain of schools in India with over 25 schools and over 21,000 students across India. Pearson Schools seek to provide the best of academic standards with international teaching methodology, qualified and trained teaching staff and multimedia-based interactive content, creating a learning environment that is innovative, challenging and enterprising. The schools ultimately aim to develop future-ready global citizens who can confidently take on the challenges of the world.

Pearson Schools

Pearson Schools

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