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All Round Development

All-Round Development

The encouragement of our students’ talents is one of our prime objectives, TIRANGAA & HUNGAMA are two major events among many other that give students abundant opportunities to display their artistic, literary and musical talents.

TENVIC is a sports academy founded by India’s ace cricketer – Anil Kumble. Students can enjoy personalized training and special sessions with renowned sports champions.

EDUSPORTS is a special sports programme, that offers a year-round sports and physical education programme which is both age appropriate and designed for a limited space. With daily lesson plans and specific props integrated with the curriculum based on standards from NASPE (National Association of Sports and Physical Education), EduSports provides a structured physical curriculum and qualified trainers are appointed by Edusports to train students and measure their fitness.

Yardstick (YELP) is a hands-on activity based learning programme. Students are exposed to the best in Science and Technology with Yardstick which provides hands on activities beyond text based study and teaches through the process of discovery. This gives the learner visual grasp, enhances their observation skills and ability to question. This process builds logical thinking and enhances problem solving skills. Each student is given individual kits which can be made into working models and helps build scientific temper.

SPIC MACAY - Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth, is a movement that helps students explore the world of classical music and culture.

Pearson Schools

Pearson Schools

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