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The first Pearson School was established in 2008-09 with a view to provide world-class education at an affordable price. Every year is a year of surpassing set standards and creating new goals. The focused effort from our management and staff, and the overwhelming response from parents and children, has turned Pearson Schools into one of the fastest growing school chain with over 38 schools in India and abroad.

Parents across the country trust Pearson because of their skilled faculty, experienced management and affordable fees. Our goal is to meet the requirements of the middle class, who desire high quality affordable English medium education. With cutting edge technological support and innovative teaching techniques we make sure that the opportunities for our students to excel are limitless.

World renowned curricula like IB, ICSE, IGCSE and CBSE are available across various Pearson Schools. Pre-Primary education with the Montessori, Kindergarten, Waldorf and Emilio Reggio approaches make sure quality education starts early. Pearson’s tests and evaluations like the ASSET Testing, CCE and NTSE are scientific and based on continuous research to make sure learning is not by rote, but by understanding the practical application of concepts.

Keeping in mind the importance of extra-curricular activities, Pearson Schools has introduced EduSports, a structured physical curriculum based on standards from the NASPE (National Association of Sports and Physical Education).

Further, every school incorporates the K-12 programme, which is designed to benefit the four pillars of Pearson Schools – parents, teachers, students and the school management.

Pearson Schools

Pearson Schools

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